How to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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In this article, we describe how to enable Multi-Factor Authentication on your account on both browsers and our mobile app

Read this article if you need to turn on the MFA requirement on a Project.

Enable MFA for a user

Keep in mind that MFA in Mnemonica amounts to a double or 2-factor authentication, meaning that at each access your identity must be confirmed twice by means of 2 factors chosen among the methods you will set as below.

Take a look at Security basics for the fundamentals.


Open the user menu from your profile icon.

Mnemonica mobile App

Mnemonica in a browser


Go to the MFA admin:

  • On the App: tap Security. and then on Add an MFA method
  • On the browser: click on Preferences > Security, go to the MFA section and enable MFA with the proper button, then click on Add an MFA method.


Choose and enable at least one method among those available.
To be safe we suggest enabling two or more, since the more methods you have the better off you will be if one gets lost.


Once at least one method is enabled, the Mnemonica App becomes your master key to Mnemonica.
The App is an authentication method in itself that is enabled automatically besides your chosen one(s). 

Here are the great benefits of using the App with MFA:

  1. On the App you're always authenticated as your device becomes trusted.
  2. The App receives push notifications when an MFA check is required by other sessions, and you can unlock those sessions with a simple tap on the notification.
    For example: when you log in to the web application on a workstation, you can authorize that login with your phone.
  3. The Passwordless login still works with zero input, while your device provides the 2nd factor of authentication behind the scenes.


Don't forget to protect your device with a biometric ID

It will make the most of Mnemonica's security and simplicity of use.

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