Usage statistics overview

Modified on Mon, 23 Jan 2023 at 07:07 PM

Mnemonica Team Members can count on a full-comprehensive dashboard about all the resources consumed by any Project. The panel is accessible to all Team Members from the sidebar by clicking on the Usage overview icon.

While Managers & Operators can only see usage stats for the current project, Company Administrators can fully overview the active Projects and analyze consumptions and behaviors across Projects in the Company panel.

Usage data are presented in a sleek and colored interactive interface, including the following dimensions:

  • Number of Users
  • Storage: total and originals quota
  • Upload traffic: total upload traffic, broken down by destination, Screening Rooms, or Delivery Boxes;
  • Download traffic: total download traffic, broken down by source, Screening Rooms, or Delivery Boxes;
  • Encoded minutes of video for both optimization and watermarking;
  • Delivery Boxes, including the count of sent Boxes, cumulated size, cumulated number of files in Boxes, and total deliveries.

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