The Shelf

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The Shelf is a temporary exchange area used to cede ownership of a Screening Room - or one or more media in it - to another registered user who can freely dispose of them. Once recipients have received the "Shelf received" notification, they can save its contents in any of the Projects in which they have Manager permissions, even those belonging to different Companies.

To access the Shelf, locate and click on the Hub icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

IMPORTANT: All Shelf items have a 24-hour lifespan, after which they will be deleted.

Creating a Shelf item

To create a new Shelf item:

  • Open the Hub
  • Select the Shelf tab
  • On the dashboard, locate the Room or media whose ownership you want to give up, drag it to the right, and release it on the drop area that will appear on the Shelf area.

  • Specify a name for the Shelf item.
  • Enter the email address of the recipient (must already be a Mnemonica user)
  • Select which version of the media to put on the Shelf*
  • Click on Shelve to continue.

NOTE: The media type is based on best availability. Therefore, e.g., if you have only 50% of the original media, the remaining 50% will be chosen from the Proxies set.

Receiving a Shelf item

Importing a Shelf is equivalent to uploading content to a Project. So, depending on the chosen source media type and the destination Screening Room settings, the import operation duration may vary, so the occupied storage.

To receive a Shelf item:

  • Enter the destination Project and go to the Rooms page
  • Open the Shelf and locate the Shelf item you want to import
  • Drag the Shelf item on the dashboard and choose whether to drop it on an existing Room or on the + area to create a new one.

Remember, you can always use the options button to perform any action.

It's crucial to note that if you import the shelf into an existing room, all the structures (Days and Bins) will be lost.

However, the structures will be preserved if you decide to import the shelf into a new room.

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