The Player page is where video, audio, and still images can be screened and commented. It is available for every user who has access to a Screening Room.

To access the Player page, click on the name of the media you want to screen or on the PLAY ALL button on the footer of the Media Pool.

On the Player page you can find:

  • the multimedia player,
  • the playlist sidebar (on the left, occasionally collapsed),
  • the comments and reply input widget,
  • the right sidebar containing:

The player

The player supports video, audio, and pictures. For better user experience, we provided it with keyboard shortcuts for the most common operations.

Spacebar, K, L
Left arrow
Right arrow
Up arrow
Down arrow


go to Fullscreen

skip to the previous thread

skip to next thread 

previous frame

next frame

skip to the previous clip

skip to next clip

Below the playhead, a green bar shows what portions of the video or audio clip the logged user has screened.

Posted comments over time are shown as dots just above the Player controls. Depending on media length, one single dot can represent more than one comment. Click on the dot to show overlapping comments. On the pop-up, select which thread you want to focus on.

The playlist sidebar

The playlist on the left side of the page reflects the media list of the Media Pool they come from. The total Runtime can be found on the footer.

Depending on the size of your browser viewport, the playlist element can be collapsed. To maximize it click on the maximize button on the left margin of the page.

The playlist can be filtered and sorted as needed. On the playlist toolbar, you can find the AUTOPLAY button. When activated, autoplay lets the player go in sequence.

The comments feed tab

The comments feed takes place on the right sidebar. It carries all the threads and replies made by the Room's audience. The Room's audience is shown above the comments feed so you can always be aware of who can read and write comments.

A text search filter is available on the toolbar to search into threads and replies.

The comments input widget

The input widget resides under the Player and carries all the input tools to write and draw on a picture or a specific frame of a video clip. 

On its left, there's a brush icon to expand and collapse the drawing tools.

When commenting on a video, next to the text input field, a clock icon represents the option to leave a comment on a specific timecode of a video clip. If not activated, posted comments will not be timecode-specific.