In Mnemonica you can create Screening Rooms Aliases. An Alias Room is a mirror of its original Master Room: it will always have the same content, without actually duplicating files and acts independently to Audiences. 

REMEMBER: If no watermark is applied, the size of an Alias Room is zero bytes.

Alias Rooms are directly linked to their Masters: all the changes operated on the Master Room's content are immediately reflected in all of its Alias Rooms. Content in an Alias Room cannot be managed directly, all the changes must be done in the Master Room. 

Alias Rooms are represented by a slightly different icon than the Master Rooms. Master and Alias Rooms are denoted by a link icon on their cards. By clicking on it you can isolate a family and reduce visual complexity.

Alias Rooms are especially useful to dispatch the same content to different audiences, each with its own watermark, conversation privacy setting, and access times.

An Alias Room can be detached from its Master at any time using the command Consolidate Room.

An Alias Room:

An Alias Room cannot:

NOTE: Guests do not see any difference between a Master and an Alias Room.