In the Player page, depending on the Room privacy setting, users can comment on audio, video, and pictures.

Threads and replies

Comments are divided into threads and replies. A thread is the main comment and can be posted on a specific timecode or not (see next). Users can post as many threads as they need.

A thread is represented with a light gray dot on the timeline below the player. By clicking on the dot, a thread preview pops-up. In the case of overlapping threads, the pop-up shows a list of the overlapping threads.

NOTE: depending on media length, one single dot can represent more than one comment.

Replies are submitted to a thread. If a thread is posted on a specific timecode, all the replies will refer to that timecode (see next). 

Once a comment is posted, it can be edited or deleted on the comments feed tab by clicking on the options menu on each comment.

Comments on specific timecodes

To post a comment on a specific timecode of a video clip, browse your video to the desired frame, type a message in the input widget on the bottom of the page, likely add graphics, and post the comment.

If you need to post generic comments to a video clip, before posting, deactivate the clock icon next to the input field.

Drawing on frames and pictures

On each thread and reply, users can add graphics to highlight portions of a frame. To the left of the input widget, find a brush icon to expand or collapse the drawing tools.

Drawing tools include basic geometric figures, colors, and thickness control. Once a figure has been drawn, fine-tuning is allowed by selecting the pointer tool.

Once posted, to delete a drawing, delete the relative comment.

Navigation between comments on specific timecode

Users can navigate the comments over a video clip in three ways:

  • by clicking on a comment in the comments feed tab, the player follows
  • by clicking on the grey dots on the timeline, the comments feed follows
  • by using the keyboard shortcuts G and H


When a new thread is posted, the entire Rooms' audience, is notified. When a reply to a thread is posted, the original commenter and the other repliers only are notified.