Each Screening Room has an independent Audience made up of Spectators and/or Groups of Spectators.

A Spectator can be admitted to a Screening Room as an individual and/or as a member of a Group. Spectators can be part of many Groups at the same time.

Only Managers can admit people to a Screening Room's audience.


Groups are defined with a name and a color and are used to admit some given Spectators to a Room in one click. Groups can contain as many Spectators as needed.

Commenting on media

Audiences can always comment on media of the Screening Room they have been admitted to. Please refer to Room's privacy settings to learn more.

Audience Control

Screening Rooms’ Audiences are managed in the Audience Control: you can access it on the dashboard by clicking the ticket icon on the sidebar.

For details, see manage a Screening Room's Audience.