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Modified on Wed, 06 Jul 2022 at 05:41 PM

For security reasons, the PIN method has some peculiarities to turn a not-so-secure-alike method into something more reliable.

A PIN is a 6-digit numerical code provided by a user.

Using the PIN method to log in

With MFA enabled, after validating your username and password you are asked to produce a second authentication factor. 

When you choose the PIN method from the drop-down menu as the second factor, an input field appears to enter the code. You enter the code and press the Login button, after which the system validates the code. 

If the PIN is correct, you will access the platform. 

Entering a wrong PIN

If you enter a wrong PIN you will not receive any feedback about the error.

But beware: after entering a wrong PIN five times during login, the system will block your PIN method for security reasons and you will no longer be able to use it.

In this case, we will immediately email you a link to reset the PIN. If you follow the instructions in the email, you will receive a new PIN via email after 24 hours

In the meantime, however, you will be still able to authenticate yourself using any other methods of yours.

Resetting the PIN or the wrong attempts count

In this last case, if you login successfully using other MFA methods of yours, you will see an alert on the bottom left, close to your avatar, to warn you of the incident and offering the possibility to reset the wrong attempts count (e.g., I made a mistake, but everything is fine with my account), or else to change or remove the PIN from the MFA methods.  

To reset the wrong attempts count, go to Preferences / Security / MFA methods > Reset attempts.

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