In Mnemonica, roles are Project-based. Any user has a role depending on the Project. 

Team Members

All team members have full access to the Screening Rooms. 

They are divided into two types:

Managers can fully manage people and content, in particular:

Operators can manage content only, in particular:

NOTE: Operators cannot access the Access Control; hence they're not aware of Guests' presence and their view statsManagers can put together Guests into Groups.


Guests can:

  • access the Screening Rooms they're invited to 
  • comment on media
  • receive Delivery Boxes, 
  • send Delivery to other users within the Project

Collaborative Rooms

Inside a Collaborative Room, Guests act as Team Members.


Company Administrators are at the top of the hierarchy. Along with the Company Owner, they can:

When users become Administrators, they will have access to the Company panel from the user menu.

IMPORTANT: Being an Administrator will not grant users direct access to Projects. Nonetheless, a user can simultaneously be part of different Projects as a Team Member or a Guest without being an Administrator. Hence there's no relation between the roles in a Project (Team Members and Guests) and the Administrators; they are completely independent.