Upload media to a Screening Room

Modified on Tue, 6 Oct, 2020 at 12:10 PM

Screening Rooms are made for audiovisual footage (video, audio, and images). However, a Room can host every kind of file. Non-audiovisual files will not be previewed in any way.

A Screening Room can host original files along with their streaming proxies versions.

To upload media to a Screening Room follow these quick steps:

  • Enter a Screening Room.
  • Click on the + button on the Media Pool toolbar.
  • Choose the files to upload from your local drives.
  • In the next dialog, choose a destination Day (if a Dailies Room) and possibly a destination Bin.
  • Add Tags as needed and press the UPLOAD button.  

If Mnemonica Gate is correctly installed and running, it will take care of any upload task.

Uploading folders

Thanks to Mnemonica Gate you can upload nested archives to Screening Rooms and Delivery Boxes. However, in the Screening Rooms, any folder structure will be discarded and media will be placed all together in the chosen position.

Upload errors

When an error occurs during the upload or consequential processing task, user action is required to remove partial entries in the Media Pool or in the Delivery Box attachments list. Consider an internal Mnemonica error when a problem occurs after the upload. Network related upload issues can be checked in the upload pop-up. 

Illegal characters

Depending on your operating system, it's a best practice to avoid some special characters in your file naming. Illegal characters can cause internal server errors and may void the uploading session.

Please don't use the following characters in your files.

  • ;
  • :
  • /
  • \
  • ?
  • "
  • '
  • <
  • >
  • *
  • =

NOTE: When uploading, Mnemonica automatically filters out all the invisible files which names begin with a full stop mark (e.g. .DS_Store files)

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