Ingest Rooms

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Guests looking for help uploading their content please read this article.


Ingest Rooms are designed to collect a defined number of files from Guests. Team Members have full access to Ingest Rooms, but unlike other types of Rooms, they cannot upload content to them.

The most common use cases of an Ingest Room can be:

  • Collecting casting submissions
  • Collecting footage for collective films
  • Festival submissions

In general whenever there's the need to collect a massive amount of media from several people outside your working team. That's why Ingest Rooms can be controlled via API.

APIs enable user-created forms to gather data from anyone and transfer it to Mnemonica (through a client's registered user). Mnemonica grabs the data and distributes it in any available fields (e.g. Bin and media names, Bin and media tags, notes, etc). APIs can also define the number of uploading slots available for the Guests.

Please contact to get the API documentation.

How they work

Ingest Rooms use Bins to provide reserved spaces for Guests to upload files. When a Guest is invited to an Ingest Room the related Bin is created. Then Managers must provide one or more uploading slots to let Guests upload files to the Room. 

IMPORTANT: You can't create Bins directly from the Bins panel, to do that go to the Access Control and invite a Guest.

An Ingest Room can accommodate as many Guests as needed. Guests will only be able to see their own Bin and will not be aware of any other Guests and content in the Room.

Since Bins and Guests have a one-to-one relationship, removing one will cause the automatic removal of the other, including possibly uploaded files.

Uploading slots

 An upload slot is a placeholder where Guests can upload a file. Each Bin can accommodate one or more uploading slots. 

To create an uploading slot:

  1. Locate the desired Bin.
  2. Click on the options button and select Add slot from the menu.
  3. On the next dialog choose a name (it will be the media name in the Media Pool) and add some tags if needed

Once created, both the Manager and the Guest will see the slot placeholder on the Media Pool. The Guest is now enabled to upload. 

NOTE: as for other Screening Rooms, Ingest ones must be enabled to let the Guests let in.

Resetting a slot

When Guests completed successfully their uploads, the related uploading slots lock, and the Managers receive a notification. If for any reason, a Guest needs to redo the upload, a Manager must reset the related slot. 

To reset the slot:

  1. Find the related media in the Media Pool
  2. Click on the options button and choose Reset from the menu

The originally uploaded file will be removed and the Guest will be able to upload a new file.

Forbidden actions

As of their nature, in Ingest Rooms, some actions are forbidden:

  • posting comments & replies
  • moving and copying media between Bins of the Room itself

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