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Notifications are a crucial part of your platform experience, keeping you updated on new content, user interactions, and more. Managing your notification settings allows you to tailor your platform experience to your preferences and stay in control of the information you receive.

Mnemonica uses three channels to communicate with the users:

  1. In-app notifications
  2. Emails
  3. Push notifications on mobile devices.

Notification general settings

You can access the notifications channels settings by clicking on your avatar and selecting Preferences in the user menu. In the Notification general settings panel, you can choose which group of notifications you want to receive in which channel. You can mute selectively both the email and mobile push channels for each group of notifications.

IMPORTANT: The Notification Channels settings are general and high-level. They affect the communication system's global behavior. 

Mute Projects and Screening Rooms

While users in the Notification general settings panel set the general routing of notification groups in the related channels, a more accurate noise tuning is available for entire Projects and Screening Rooms.

You can mute an entire Project or a single Screening room by using the bell command on the related card on the dashboard. Muting a Project will mute all the related push and email notifications with the result that all the Rooms in the Project will appear as muted. 

Instead, muting one or more Screening Rooms will reduce the noise of those specific items.

IMPORTANT: If you mute one or more Screening Rooms and then mute the entire Project, unmuting the Project will restore the mute settings of the Rooms.

In-app notifications

On your browser, notifications appear in a sidebar panel accessible by clicking on the bell icon on the right side of the top bar. In-app notifications cannot be turned off.

  • A red badge with a number counting the unread notifications.

  • Click on any notification to go to the related object.

In-app notifications appear in browsers and the mobile app. To keep the buzz low, only a few of them become push notifications and emails. 

NOTE: In-app notifications are ephemeral: the ones older than 60 days will be removed.

Push notifications on your smartphone

To receive push notifications on your smartphone, please ensure you have let Mnemonica send you push notifications. Check notifications settings and appearance behavior in the "Notifications" preferences page of your device.

On Mnemonica mobile app for iOS or Android, you can access the notifications settings by tapping on your avatar on the home page and selecting Notifications Settings from the user menu.

NOTE: Push notifications work only under internet coverage.

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