Concerning its audience, a Screening Room can be:

  • Accessible (enabled)circled in green: Guests can access.
  • Not accessible (disabled), circled in red: Guests see the Room card on their dashboard, but they can't access it.
  • Timed: a clock icon appears beside the Room icon. When showing, it represents a future switch in Room statuses like a future opening or a future closing.

Room status doesn't affect Team Members' access to the Room.

Rooms can be filtered by their status using the relative Room status filter on the toolbar.

NOTE: due to their nature, Collaborative Rooms status is always enabled.

Automated opening

At your convenience, you can set an opening and/or a closing time to restrict the audience access time. Click on the stand-by icon on the Room Card or on the toolbar inside your Room to set a timed opening for your Room.

The Screening Room status dialog is self-explaining.

The automated opening helps you open, close, or both a Room after a given time.

The audience is informed

When you invite someone to a timed Room, the recipient is clearly warned about time restrictions. The timing settings are specified in the invitation email. 24h, 8h, and 2h before room closing, a push notification will be sent on the user's mobile device as a reminder. 

NOTE: To receive the push notifications, remember to enable the push notification service in the System Settings of your smartphone. Push notifications work only under internet coverage.

See also enabling and disabling a Day.