Original files management

Modified on Mon, 13 Feb 2023 at 03:15 PM

When uploading files to a Screening Room, Mnemonica checks the properties verifying each file streaming compliancy

If the file format matches streaming standards, no action is taken, and the asset will be immediately available for indexing or streaming. If the file doesn't match streaming standards, an encoding process executes.

Team Members can decide how a Room should deal with the original non-streamable uploaded files at any time. Two choices:

  • Delete them once the encoding is concluded
  • Keep them in the Room

In the Room Settings window, users can enable or disable the Keep originals switch at any time.

If enabled, the original uploaded files will be stored along with their streaming versions.

Inside a Room, assets that have an original file are represented with the purple rosette icon.

NOTE: keeping the original files could dramatically increase the size of the Project.

Users can obtain media details by clicking on the info button in the lower-left corner of the media card. Complete file metadata is available on the Player page in the "Media Info" tab.

Managing originals

When original files are stored, users can decide what to do with them:

  • Keep for further use or as an on-the-cloud backup
  • Download 
  • Send via Delivery Box
  • Delete

Original files are considered separate assets and can be managed independently from their streaming proxy version. When you need to download or add assets to a Delivery Box, in the dialog, you can specify if the action should be done on the Proxy files, Original files, or both.    

Downloading files from a Screening Room.

Adding files to a Delivery Box.

Purging originals

When the size of a Project becomes a problem, users can decide to get rid of the original files at any time. The command Purge originals are available for:

  • An entire Project
  • An entire Screening Room
  • Single or multiple media in a Screening Room.


Purging originals of an entire Project.

IMPORTANT: If an original file is deleted while being sent through a Delivery Box, it will not be deleted until the Box expires.

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