In relation to its audience, a Screening Room can be:

  • Accessible (enabled)circled in green: Spectators can access.
  • Not accessible (disabled), circled in red: Spectators see the Room card on their dashboard, but they can't access.
  • Timed: a clock icon appears beside the Room icon. When showing it represents a future switch in Room statuses like a future opening or a future closing.

Room status doesn't affect Team Members access to the Room.

Rooms can be filtered by their status using the relative Room status filter on the toolbar.

Automated opening

At your convenience, you can set an opening and/or a closing time to restrict the audience access time. Click on the stand-by icon on the Room Card, or on the toolbar inside your Room, to set a timed opening for your Room.

The Screening Room status dialog is self-explaining.

The automated opening helps you open, close, or both a Room after a given time.

The audience is informed

When you invite someone to a timed Room, the recipient is clearly warned about time restriction. The timing settings are clearly specified in the invitation email. 24h, 8h, and 2h before room closing, a push notification will be sent on the user's mobile device as a reminder. 

NOTE: To receive the push notifications, remember to enable the push notification service in the System Settings of your smartphone. Push notifications work only under internet coverage.

See also enabling and disabling a Day.