Viewing data is stored whenever a user screens a portion of an audio or video clip. 

Users can access their view data in the Media Pool and the Player Page. The view data is shown as a green line at the bottom of each media thumbnail. The lighter green represents the watched portions.

Managers can also access the viewing data of the Guests. Team Members' data is not available to other users.

Viewing statistics

Managers can browse through Guests' viewing data in a Screening Room to check on their behaviors.

To access the audience viewing stats window:

  • Click on the play icon on the sidebar.
  • Select Viewing stats from the options menu of any playable media in the Media Pool.
  • In the Access Control, click on the play icon on the header of a Screening Room or Guest detail.

On the pop-up window, select which path to follow to check the viewing stats:

  • By Screening Room: select a Screening Room and then a media to get the Guest's views.
  • By Guest: select a Guest and then a Screening Room to get the list of screened media.

Viewing data are part of a Project. When a file is deleted, its viewing history remains until you delete the Project.