Users can edit their data on the preferences page. To access the page, click on the user menu by clicking on your avatar at the bottom of the left sidebar, and choose Preferences from the list.

On this page, users can access the following sections:

  • Profile: to view and edit your personal information
  • Security: to view and set the account's security settings like password, MFA, and trusted devices list
  • Integrations: to view and set third-parties integrations like Vimeo and Box

If you are a Company Owner or a Company Administrator, you can also access the Company management panel.

Account deletion

According to EU GDPR directives, users can delete their accounts by clicking on the DELETE ACCOUNT button in the Profile section. Mnemonica will erase all the user's data. 

NOTE: Mnemonica is a relational platform. To keep Mnemonica functional after a user deletion, the necessary data related to the user's interactions will be kept but automatically anonymized in the database. Anonymized data can't be restored.