About Mnemonica Gate

Modified on Thu, 03 Feb 2022 at 04:21 PM

Mnemonica Gate is our file transfer manager for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It's finely integrated with the whole Mnemonica environment to make file transfer quicker and system-failure-proof.

IMPORTANT: Mnemonica Gate should be kept updated. Any new available update will be prompted every time the application is launched. To manually check the availability of a new version click on the options menu and choose Preferences. Click then on the Check for updates link.

If installed and correctly paired, the Gate replaces your browser in file transfer activity. 

Mnemonica Gate is warmly recommended:

  • when transferring huge archives
  • when transferring nested file structures
  • when relying on unstable networks
  • on everyday use.

Mnemonica Gate runs in the background and can be maximized by clicking on the Mnemonica icon in the Finder bar (Mac), in the system tray (Windows) or in the top-bar on the Mnemonica web application. By default Mnemonica Gate automatically starts with the system boot.

Triggering the transfers

Once the Gate is installed, launched, and paired, it can be used both in the Screening Rooms and the Delivery Boxes to upload and download files.

Mnemonica Gate doesn't require any particular user interaction to be used. When the browser triggers the transfers, the Gate window automatically pops-up. Nonetheless, once a transfer is taken in charge by the Gate, you can safely close the browser window.

Uploading files

Delivery Boxes support nested archives meaning you can upload as many folders, subfolders, and files you want, and the archive structure will be preserved in the Box. 

Screening Rooms instead, don't support any folders structure. If you upload nested folders into a Screening Room, the folder structure will be lost, and all the files will be placed in the position you chose inside your Room.

Drag&drop supports 2000 files at a time.

Downloading files from the Screening Rooms

In the Screening Rooms environment, Mnemonica Gate can be called into action by using the download commands in the options menu on any media and on the Media Pool toolbar.

Downloading a received Delivery Box

The received Delivery Boxes can be downloaded with one click by using the Gate. Find the command on the Delivery Box card or the header of the relative detail panel. The Box folder structure, if present, will be rebuilt inside the destination folder you choose on your local drive.

At your convenience, in the detail panel, you may also download single files by clicking on the direct download button (arrow down icon), of each file in the Box.

NOTE: when the Gate is not running, no multiple downloads are allowed, and single files only can be downloaded via the browser.

See also:  Install Mnemonica Gate


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