Once installed, Mnemonica Gate must be paired with your browser sessions. 

To pair the Gate, follow these quick steps:

  • Launch the Gate
  • Type in the Mnemonica user credentials you are using on your browser session.
  • Once logged in, click on the options menu button and choose Preferences.
  • On the Preferences page, locate the Gate ID section.
  • Copy the Gate ID key from the text field or click on the copy button beside it.
  • Go to your browser, click on the Gate icon on the top bar and choose Pair Gate from the menu.
  • On the next dialog, paste the copied ID key into the text field and click SAVE.

The Gate now is paired with your browser. Check the pairing status on the top-bar by verifying the color of the Gate icon: 

  • green: paired and connected
  • orange: not paired
  • red:  can't connect to Mnemonica servers. In some rare cases, lost paring, pair the Gate again.

When the icon is displayed in red, something may be wrong with your system:

  • check your internet connection
  • check the logged user (must be the same on the browser and the Gate)
  • bad ID, in some rare cases, you must pair the Gate and the browser again

NOTE: You can pair as many browsers you want with the same ID key.

+ Important notice +
To prevent losing the pairing each time you close the browser window, we recommend enabling cookies and data saving for mnemonica.io in your browser preferences.