In Mnemonica you can fill a Delivery Box both with files coming from the Screening Rooms of the related Project and from your local drives.

To add files from a Screening Room to a Box follow these steps.

  • Enter a Screening Room
  • Select the desired media in the Media Pool
  • Click on the options button on any media, or on the toolbar if you selected multiple media, and select Add to Box

On the next dialog choose:

  • A destination Box: pick one of the existing or select New Box and enter a name
  • Which version of your media add to the Box: proxy, original or both
  • An ordering folder structure inside your Box: Days/Bins or Bins/Days (in case of Dailies Rooms)
  • Choose if append the Room name to the folder structure
  • Click on ADD or ADD & GO TO BOX to get things done.

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