Sending a Delivery Box

Modified on Sun, 19 Dec 2021 at 10:11 AM

A Delivery Box (or simply Box), is a container of files created for delivery purposes. While as a Team Member you can send a Box to anyone, as a Guest you can send a Box only to users who are already part of the Project. This avoids guests using Project's resources without authorization.

Sending a Box is a four-step procedure.

1. Create a Box

You can create a new Box in two ways:

  • In the Delivery Boxes page, OUTGOING tab, click the + button on the toolbar of the left panel and enter a name for the Box.
  • In the Media Pool of a Screening Room by selecting Add to Box in the options menu on the toolbar or on every single media. In the dialog, click on Add to new box to create a new one.

2. Fill the Box with content

You can fill a Box both with files coming from the Screening Rooms of the related Project and from your local drives.

  • To upload files from your local drive click on the + button on the toolbar of the Box detail.
  • To get files from a Screening Room into your Box, go to the Media Pool and select Add to Box from the options menu on any media or on the toolbar.

You can upload media both via browser and Mnemonica Gate.

3. Seal the Box

Before sending a Box you must seal it. The sealing operation is required to approve the Box content before the delivery.

A Box can be unsealed and modified if:

  • has no delivery set yet
  • has a delivery set but content upload is still running

If you have set a delivery and an upload is running, you can unseal the Box to momentarily stop the delivery. At your convenience modify the Box content. When done, seal back the Box to conclude the delivery.

4. Set a delivery

To set a delivery click on the paper plane icon. In the next dialog type one or more email addresses, choose whether to CC the recipients or not, choose a delivery duration (1 to 7 days), and write a message to accompany your Box delivery if needed.

Once done click on the SEND button.

If the uploads have finished, the Box will be instantly delivered, and you and the recipients get notified by email and on their mobile devices. Otherwise, you must wait for the uploads to finish. See Deferred shipping for more.

IMPORTANTWhen a Box is delivered, it can't be modified. 

See also: Checking Box content uploads remotely

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