Mnemonica Delivery Boxes are used to send archives to other Mnemonica users. To access the Delivery Boxes click on the box icon on the sidebar. The Delivery Boxes page is divided into 3 tabs: incoming, outgoing and history.

You can send archives with no limitations in size and nesting:

Delivery Boxes are arranged in an incoming/outgoing email-looking environment. The incoming tab contains the received Boxes. The outcoming tab contains the draft and sent Boxes. 

IMPORTANT: Delivery Boxes are personal, they are not shared with other members of the Project.

Box expiration

Delivery Box service is not a storage service, it's a straightforward file transfer service.

Hence, each Delivery Box has an expiration time:

  • Drafts: 5 days
  • Sent and received: 1 to 7 days, user-defined

After the deadline, the Boxes expire and they disappear from the incoming or outgoing lists. All uploaded media is deleted. Media coming from the Screening Rooms will not be affected in any way.

Box deliveries

When you send a Box to someone a delivery is made. In addition to the Box content, each delivery includes:

  • one recipient
  • an expiration date
  • an attached message

If a Box has been sent to multiple recipients, every recipient determines a delivery itself. The deliveries related to a single Box, are listed in the detail panel of the Box itself in the deliveries tab. 

While a sent Box is still alive, it can be sent over and over to anyone. Each delivery renews the Box expiration date.

Sent & received Boxes history

Each delivery, as soon as it's made, it's saved in the history tabThe history tab contains the whole sent and received deliveries within a Project. Basically, it's the log of your file transfer activity.

Browse the history to dig into your delivery activities. Use the filters on the toolbar to shrink the list down and find what are you looking for.

REMEMBER: a Delivery is not a Box and doesn't contain any file. 

Using Boxes in the Mobile App

In the Mnemonica Mobile App, you can create, fill with files, seal, and send Boxes just like in the web app. The only difference is that the Boxes you receive cannot be downloaded on mobile.   

Saving Box content to a Screening Room

When you receive a Delivery Box, you can save its content to a Screening Room. To learn how, please refer to this article.

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