Shared Delivery Boxes

Modified on Tue, 11 Jan 2022 at 01:59 PM

A Delivery Box is called Shared when every Team Member can interact with it independently of its owner/creator. Other than that, there is no difference with a conventional Delivery Box.

Creating a Shared Delivery Box

To create a Shared Delivery Box follow these quick steps

  • Go to the Outgoing tab of your Delivery Boxes dashboard and click on the + button on the toolbar
  • On the next dialog type in a name and enable the Shared switch
  • Click on Create

NOTE: once created, a Shared Box cannot be switched to a conventional one and vice versa.


Shared Boxes appear in the Outgoing tab of all Team Members of a Project, showing the shared badge and the Box owner's email address. 

Every Manager or Operator can edit the content of a Shared Box (if not already delivered) and send it. The list of Deliveries of a Shared Box is shared, too. 

IMPORTANT: Whoever in the Team sends a Shared Box, they do it on behalf of the original owner. In other words, the original owner of a Shared Box will always appear as the sender, regardless of who actually sent it. 

Any changes a user makes to the content of a Shared Delivery Box will be immediately visible to the other Team Members. This enables multi-user upload.

To send a Shared Delivery Box please follow this guide.

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