In Mnemonica Team Members access and manage all the Screening Rooms of a Project and Guests can access, upon invitation, specific Screening Rooms with read-only permissions. Collaborative Rooms close this gap to fulfill the need to manage a particular Screening Room without accessing all the others.

They can be: 

  • Collaborative Standard (Bins only indexing)
  • Collaborative Dailies (Days and Bins indexing)

The typical use case is when you need to collect files from externals (DIT, data managers, VFX and audio people, etc.) on a continuous basis, but preventing them from accessing the entire project.

How they work

In a Collaborative Room, a Guest has the same power over media as a Team Member. Once invited in the Room in the usual way, a Guest can:

Due to this Guest empowerment, there's no longer the need to have a Room status; hence a Collaborative Room is always enabled.

It is understood that, in a Collaborative Room, a Guest cannot invite other Guests.